Melanie Hooker is an artisan soap maker who lives in the Hazeltons, north western, BC. Melanie is a self-taught artist who has been perfecting her beautiful soaps for over 16 years. Like a true artist, Melanie is always coming up with new designs, scents and formulas that inspire her and amaze anyone that sees her unique soaps.

Melanie’s soap making is influenced by nature and people.  She feels a deep connection to nature and the animal world. Another passion of hers is gardening and creating micro-ecosystems for the butterflies, bees and frogs among other critters.  Her soap designs embody the bold and vivid colours found in nature and in the garden she grows. Melanie finds inspiration in delighting people with her creations and letting her imagination roam free. With her flair for style and her practiced use of natural and beneficial ingredients she creates truly extraordinary soap.

Melanie makes her soaps by hand using the traditional cold process method. She has developed many of her own techniques and special formulas. She is committed to making high quality and beautiful soaps for her dedicated customers. Melanie wholesales to businesses throughout western Canada.


About Tree Frog Soaps
Tree Frog Soaps is an artisan soap company located in Northern British Columbia. All soap is designed and handmade by Soap Artisan Melanie Hooker. Logo is by Squamish Nation Artist Todd Baker.
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